"We aspire to leave no stone unturned." - ‘ICDC-Nepal’
We are fortune to join the communities today in what will go down in history as the greatest efforts in the history of our national development. From its establishment in 2054 (1997 AD), ignition of an idea drove us towards a tireless journey of social change bringing us all here today. We do not proudly claim that we have sustained in these years. Somewhere deep inside we are saddened by the need of our existence. We do not make business/ we are country men in the quest of dream , a dream of a healthy and progressive society. A dream of a future for our children and their children to be, and this is definitely possible with our efforts today. Our commitment in community development has been progressive and persistent since the establishment and the alleys have not always been a comfort. There were times when our efforts were misunderstood, our interventions were misled and the common outputs were misjudged. Even then we managed to stay strong in the times of crisis which was possible with the strong commitment of the communities to endeavor development form within. Issues of literacy, poverty, social stigma and ill intentions provoked by unemployment are dominant in our society and they prove to be hindrance as well as the challenges in our interventions. In this backdrop, our campaign prioritizes advocating and mainstreaming the issues of poverty, underprivileged, Dalit, Janajati and the least developed regions. In this context of restructured federal state, our interventions are now more focused at grass root level. We will be prioritizing our interventions based upon the geographical scenario and need driven approach. Our hands are stretched out to support our fellow brothers and sister in need. Though our efforts was little, we are satisfied that we could contribute to the flood victims. As a civil society, our influences are limited and even then we are capable of producing huge impact in the lives of people. We aspire to leave no stone unturned. All our prior activities, experiences, practices, learning, knowledge and challenges are the valued assets of ICDC. Our future endeavors will be guided, provoked and motivated with them. We would like to thank and appreciate all our foreign and national as well as the local partners along with all other cooperating and collaborating agencies for their tremendous help and support till the date and we anticipate similar efforts in our future endeavors.

Profile of ICDC-Nepal

Organizational Background ....
Integrated Community Development Campaign is a non-governmental, non-profit making, non-religious and service-oriented National level organization that was established in 1997. Since then it has been working in the field of integrated community Development Campaign. Primarily ICDC is committed to work in the field of women, children, and the people from marginalized community. It has kept a track record history of experiences in education advocacy, environment, sanitation, vocational training, human rights, through effective social mobilization process and active participation of community people and groups, organizational development, Human resource development and training. Besides, ICDC works for Poverty reduction through skill based vocational trainings and the sensitization of community on fundamental rights through effective community mobilization process. Developmental research is another working area of ICDC. It is working in the Dhading and other adjoining districts of Nepal aiming to contribute to fulfill its defined goal and objectives.

Name of Organization Integrated Community Development Campaign (ICDC) Nepal
Address Neelakantha Municipality 3, Puchhar Bazar, Dhadingbensi, Dhading
PAN Number 302311666
Contact Persons:

Chair Persons:

Program Manager

Mr. Gopal Lamsal,
Cell:+977 9851085896

Mr. Binod Rijal,
Cell: +977 9851200581
Phone/ Fax 010520581
DAO Registration No 181-Dhading, 2054/5/20
SWC Registration No 6914, Kathmandu, 2054/11/26
NFN Registration No 06, Dhading, 2056/10/26
General Member 65     35 Male   30 Female
Email icdcdhading@gmail.com, info@icdc.org.np
Web Address www.icdc.org.np

ICDC has its own resource centre in Nilkantha Municipality 8 Amarawati of Dhading district. The resource center provides space for residential/ non residential trainings and Its supports for the capacity building of ICDC and other local stakeholders. It has human resources having expertise in community mobilization, capacity development, organizational strengthening, entrepreneurship development and legal expertise. ICDC has its head office in Dhading Bensi and its logistics support and coordination unit is established in Kathmandu.


ICDC envisions the relationship of all towards better living conditions, healthy & fair society, social justice and the preservation human rights for the establishment of dignified human life.
Create self -sustained society through integrated programs based on local resources management and mobilization, focusing to empowerment, equal participation of all who respect social values, human rights, and social Justice.
Strengthen capacity of individuals and organizations to organize, empower and mobilize community in bringing positive social change especially of woman and children on the issues of human rights, economic opportunities and social Justice through equitable and sustainable community development approach

  • Partners
  • World Education
  • HUDEP Nepal/ RDIF
  • European Union
  • CeLerd
  • The Asia Foundation
  • Search Nepal
  • World Bank/ PRAN/CECI
  • Center for Education Policy and Practice (CEPP)
  • ASB Germany
  • International Medical Corps (IMC)
  • Foundation De France /ARSOW Nepal
  • TDH Germany
  • Poverty Alleviation Fund/WB
  • UNICEF Nepal
  • KKS Germany
  • BMZ Germany