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Integrated Community Development Campaign is a non-governmental, non-profit making, non-religious and service-oriented national level organization. Since its establishment in 1997, it has been working in the field of integrated community Development.


Primarily ICDC is committed in working for women, children, and marginalized community. It has kept a record history of rendering quality humanitarian services in the thematic socio-economic issues like education, advocacy, environment, sanitation, vocational training, human rights, social mobilization, Psycho-social and mental health support, active participation of community people, organizational development, human resource development and trainings. In addition, ICDC also provides skill based vocational trainings and the sensitization of community on fundamental rights through effective community mobilization process for Poverty reduction. Development research is another expertise of ICDC.


In the quest of establishing a sustainable mechanism, ICDC has developed resource centre in Nilkantha Municipality 8 Amarawati of Dhading district. The resource center provides space for residential/ non residential trainings while it also supports capacity building of ICDC and other local stakeholders.

The headquarter of ICDC  is located in Dhadingbensi while its logistics support and coordination unit is established in Kathmandu.


ICDC envisions the relationship of all towards better living conditions, healthy & fair society, social justice and the preservation human rights for the establishment of dignified human life.



Create self -sustained society through integrated programs based on local resources management and mobilization, focusing to empowerment, equal participation of all who respect social values, human rights, and social Justice.


Strengthen capacity of individuals and organizations to organize, empower and mobilize community in bringing positive social change especially of woman and children on the issues of human rights, economic opportunities and social Justice through equitable and sustainable community development approach.




Organizational Objectives

In the trail of scaling up the socio-economic status of community people especially women, children, marginalized/disadvantaged group and the people living in difficult circumstances ICDC has endorsed the following objectives;

  • Work with community people and support to empowerment to fulfill their basic needs.
  • Raise awareness and help community people specially women, children, youth and disadvantaged groups
  • Work for Right-based advocacy, gender equality and equity, social Justice and good governance related activities.
  • Help to increase income of women, youth and disadvantaged people by vocational training and different IG activities.
  • Work with people for poverty reduction
  • Mobilize community people specially youth groups in awareness campaign, extracurricular activities and other social works.
  • Enhance capacity and efficiency of community groups and local organizations in planning coordination and implementation of self help development activities.
  • Support local government, I/NGO and other development actors in enhancing good coordination, networking and advocacy for good governance and sustainable development at the local/district and national level.
  • Form and activate concern groups and work for their capacity building.
  • Lobbying and advocacy for human rights, peace and social transformation.
  • Work for disaster management and drinking water supply, health and sanitation.
  • Campaign for social justice.



  • Through community based organizations/ village groups (women,child, youth, mothers, parents, users groups and management committee and so on.)
  • Active participation of all stakeholders and ownership development.
  • Close coordination and collaboration with GOs /NGOs and to develop a networking among local partners.
  • Promotional and strengthening of volunteerism and their capacity building for the sustainability of program interventions.
  • Participatory / Planning system (bottom up process by the stakeholders)


What we believe in?

ICDC embodies following values and believes that help to guide in its operation. These are:

  • Dignity, equity and equality
  • Equal opportunity and responsibility
  • Respect people , their culture and environment
  • Capacity building
  • Moving forward / ahead




  Rounded Rectangle: General Assembly




Policy Level











Rounded Rectangle: Executive DirectorManagerial Level



Department Level


    Rounded Rectangle: Program Officer









Program Coordination Level










Program Implementation Level




















The Executive Committee







Mr. Gopal Lamsal




Advocacy and Lobbying, Organizational Capacity Development, Experience in Human rights and humanitarian law, Community Mediation, Action Research.


Mr.Bam Thapa magar



Education, Community mobilization water &Sanitation


Mr. Parashuram Duwadi


B Ed

 Law, Education, Water & Sanitation,


Mrs. Binod Rijal



Leadership development, Psychosocial, proposal writing, reporting


Ms. Pramila shrestha



Women and child right activism


Ms.Pampha Magrati



Women and child right activism, psychosocial


Ms. Gyanee Kandel


M. Ed

Women and child right activism


Mr. Nabaraj lamsal



Community mobilization


Mr. Gopal Gurung



Community mobilization


Sub Committees

  • Program Management
  • Staff selection
  • Resource Center Management
  • Fund Raising
  • Information, communication and publication
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Capacity building and institutional development
  • Women and Social inclusion



  1. Election process

ICDC has its governing body of 9-11 members that tenure for three years elected by general convention-AGM on annual basis. It has ensured (mandatory) inclusion of 33% of the women in its executive body. Along with this, ICDC has made a compulsory provision of the inclusion of Dalits and ethnically back warded people in its executive body. It works with its administrative and financial regulation and visioning.


  1. Code of Conduct

Every people, organization, society, government and many more sector have been bounded their own rules, regulations and code of conduct for regular activities. Like this ICDC has been bounded under some code of conduct. The Code of Conduct is followed to institutionalize the norms, principles and values that aim to enhance the performance, efficiency and reputation of ICDC. Everyone associated with ICDC is supposed to be automatically agreed to follow the code of conduct stated by the organization to implement all activities.




  1. HR Policy of Organization

Human Resource is regulated by HR regulation. ICDC has developed HR policy.  Staffs are hired on the basis of HR policy. Vacancy announcement are published at Local media /Newspaper/Notice board.  Staffs are provided with Job Description at the time of their appointment.  Preparation and approval of monthly work plan to the organization is compulsory.


  1. Finance Policy of Organization

Financial activities are regulated by the financial regulation of ICDC. AGM is to approve all of its financial transaction and annual audit report. Keeping account as the double entry system and Public audit is made in each program. Program wise bank account system has been adopted. Quotation is made on the purchase of goods.


  1. Child Protection Policy

This policy is a general framework for all members, associations with ICDC. Based on this framework, each member works out his/her responsibilities to achieve the goal of the organization.We recognize that child abuse and exploitation happen in all countries and societies around the world. Trying to define it as a world phenomenon is still difficult because of the vast cultural, religious, social, political, legal and economic differences that children experience. In order to prevent child abuse, it is crucial that we as an organization reach a common understanding as to what child abuse is and in which circumstances our policies and procedures apply. Through this policy we want to positively influence the practices of ICDC families, beneficiary families, and the families of our staff.


  1. GESI Policy

The organization runs its programs based in the Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Policy developed by the organization. ICDC tries to face the prevailing challenges on existing chaos in power relationships, structures and institutions by seeking social, political and economic transformation from the household, community, market up to the state level. While executing the programs and activities, ICDC focuses to create space for new realities and relationships, so that girls, boys, women and men of any age, class, caste, ethnicity, religious identity or different ability are enabled to live with dignity, justice and respect, asserting their rights and responsibilities.



  1. Financial and public audit

The organization regular conducts internal and external audit. Before Annual General Meeting of every year, the organization conducts audit from a registered auditor and public its progress and financial reports in its annual book. DAO and other concerned agencies are regularly submitted and are provided with necessary information as per requirement.


Sources of fund

  • Overhead Cost of the assigned projects
  • Membership fee
  • Support from Community Resource Center Contribution
  • Support from interested individuals and institutions.
  • Donation, grant and project support.


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