Leadership Award

NGO's Leadership Award 

Winning seems to be a rigorous job but its much tougher to keep up with and the responsibility has now grown much bigger from today. It is indeed a matter of great honor for us to be awarded with the Nepal NGO Leadership Award. This is an accolade for all our hard work and tireless efforts that we invested in bringing smile in the faces of many. This is a step ahead than the days earlier and this has boosted and fueled us to work harder continuously, tirelessly and selflessly in the days to come. CHEERS to our founding committee and members, all the general members, executive boards, management and administration, former and current employees, local and national level collaborators as well as the government agencies, our national and international partners and last but not the least, our beneficiaries who have supported us in all our interventions. Thank you Binod Rijal for collecting the award on behalf of the family. 

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