Livelihood Support Distribution

Livelihood Support for vulnerable Children

Child protection program is continuely run by ICDC  collaboration with DCWB Dhading which is funded by UNICEF Nepal. Children who are under the case management process they are provided livelihood support as per their need. Need was identified by SW's and CPC member. Those children who are unaccompained , seperated and vulnerable are already in registered , assessment and need identification by case managers. Livelihood support is long term vision for children which help to survive and continue their study. Livelihood support is successfully completed in first phase. During this second phase 20 children were provided llivelihood support. In livelihood support we help to provide tailoring training, support for husbandry and small scale poultry farming.School Children who were school drop out due to economic crises they rejoin the school and hope to complete their one level of study.

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