Mental Health and Psycho social support

Mental Health and Psycho social support program 

After the massive earthquake 2015, ICDC-Nepal launched the mental health program in 26
VDC in partnership with International Medical Corps with technical partner TPO Nepal, in collaboration with DPHO Dhading. Counseling service and free medicine was provided by ICDC in coordination with different primary health care facilities. During this period, 1799 mental health patient were diagnosed and they were provided with psychosocial counseling services, Basic psychosocial support and free medicine services. After the program period, they were provided free medicine for 1 year. Prescriber training , Non prescriber training, FCHV's training , Psychosocial Counselor training , Community Based Psychosocial worker 's Training and 6 month Psychosocial counselor training was completed during this period.

In the post project period, ICDC has been providing voluntary psycho-social support in different places of Dhading district. Some of the schools have encountered Conversion Disorder problems in young girls and our team is enthusiastic in intervening in those sites. We have been providing individual counseling, group counseling, Family counseling and Psycho education for teachers, students and parents. Sasaha Deurali ma vi , Neelakantha , Kalika ma vi , Dhusa , Kalidevi Ma vi , Salang , Saraswati Ma vi , Dhuwakot  are some of the example of the school where we worked to address the issues.

We have been strengthening coordination with various organizations to support the mental health patients through referral for special treatment. A quote from a former patient reads" it’s hard to believe but the truth is so magical that the people with such issues can make a come-back to normal life. We owe to the people involved in our treatment and not the least, ICDC for the making it possible for the people like us ".