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Past Programs 

Ensuring respect and promotion of human rights at the grassroots of Nepal, European Union, 30 VDC's of Dhading District,2011-2013

 Local Body Grant Expenditure Research and Community Participation Survey Program, World Bank, Sunaolabazaar and Muralibhanjyang VDC of Dhading District, 2012

 Local Body Grant Expenditure Research and Community Participation Survey Program, LGAF, Salang, Benighat, Semjong and Katunje VDC of Dhading District,2012

 Local Regime and Community Mobilization Program,DDC,LGCDP, Sunaulabazaar, Khalte, Salyantaar, Salyankot, Trpureswor and Mulpani VDC of Dhading District,2011-2013 

 Formation of Child Protection Committee and Basic Survey Related to Children, District Child Welfare Council, Dhading District ,2008-2012

Promotion of Quality Cocon Processing Project,PQCPP JICA,2011-2012

 Private Primary School Survey,JICA,2008

 Citizen's Participation Campaign in Constituent Assembly and Constitution Building Process Program,COSOC,2007

Training Importance Identification Program, Asian Development Bank, Domestic Development Committee,2008

 Children associated with armed force and armed group (CAAFAG),UNICEF Nepal,2007-2013 

NGO Capability Development and Community Conversions Training, Prposal and Report Writing, Organizing Organization Trining, Search Nepal, NGO Federation ,2060-2064 BS

Schol Health Program, Internal Source,Udayapur District,2007 

 Basic and Advanced Computer Training,DDC,2006

 Community Based Optional Educatio Program, CAPS/ JICA, Dhading District- Dhusha, Benighat, Jogimara and Gajuri VDC,2004-2005

 Mutual Co-operation Campaign Social Mobilization Program, Search Nepal, Dhading District- Muralibhanjyang and Salang VDC,2003-2007

Brighter Future Program,World Education,27 VDCs of Dhading District,2002

Community Mediation and Advocacy Program,Internal,5 VDCs of Dhading District, 2003-2004 

 Basic Survey on Child labor, Situation Analysis- in 10 VDC, World Education/ ILO/ IPEC,10 VDCs of Dhading District,2002

Awareness (rally, street drama, interaction and hoarding board) Programs on Human Trafficking, Foreign Employment, Internal, Women Education Office,2002 

Female Youth group Survey , NGO Federation/TAF, 10 VDC’s of Dhading District, 2001

School Admission Campaign Program ,Internal ,District Education-Dhading,2000

Awareness Program on HIV/AIDS , health and hygiene and KAP Survey , CAMA Campus, Internal,1999-2004 

Eye Camp Program /Blood donation Tilganga Eye Center, Internal ,2000 

Adult Literacy , Women Education ,District Education Office Dhading,Dhading District ,1998-2004