Reconstruction and Rebuilding of Lives in Dhading District

Reconstruction and Rebuilding of Lives in Dhading DistrictProject, Nepal has been primarily designed to rehabilitate the lives of the community people and to provide the safe environment to the children. This project covers two VDCs of Dhading district namely Salyantar and Kalleri. The target groups of the project is affected families by the earthquake, back warded, marginalized, dalits, janajitis single women, families leading by the women, families with old person and children etc. The project aims to support to resettle the targeted communities reconstructing the temporary houses to the affected families by providing CGI sheets/construction materials and technical support for 202 HHs. The project has supported 200 lactating women and pregnant women and children. This project provided hygiene kits to 200 families in both VDCs to facilitate health and sanitation services. Focusing on child protection and education, the project is supporting for wash activities, support to restore the health centers, support to reopen the schools, livelihood and IG activities and so on.