"We aspire to leave no stone unturned." - ‘ICDC-Nepal’
Organizational Objectives
To uplift socio economic status of community people especially women, children marginalized and disadvantaged people and the people living in difficult circumstances. The specific objectives are to:

  • Work with community people and support to empowerment to fulfill their basic needs.
  • Raise awareness and help community people specially women, children, youth and disadvantaged groups
  • Work for Right-based advocacy, gender equality and equity, social Justice and good governance related activities.
  • Help to increase income of women, youth and disadvantaged people by vocational training and different IG activities.
  • Work with people for poverty reduction
  • Conduct relief support, reconstruction and rebuilding activities
  • Mobilize community people specially youth groups and child clubs in awareness campaign, extracurricular activities and other social works.
  • Enhance capacity and efficiency of community groups and local organizations in planning coordination and implementation of self help development activities.
  • Support local government, I/NGO and other development actors in enhancing good coordination, networking and advocacy for good governance and sustainable development at the local/district and national level.
  • Form and activate concern groups and work for their capacity building
  • Lobbying and advocacy for human rights, peace and social transformation.
  • Work for disaster management, nutrition, drinking water, Mental/health and sanitation.
  • Campaign for social justice.

Working strategy
  • Through community based organizations/ village groups (women, child, youth, mothers, parents, users groups and management committee and so on.)
  • Active participation of all stakeholders and ownership development.
  • Close coordination and collaboration with GOs /NGOs and to develop a networking among local partners.
  • Promotional and strengthening of volunteerism and their capacity building for the sustainability of program interventions.
  • Participatory / Planning system (bottom up process by the stakeholders)
Organization Belief and Values

ICDC embodies following values and believes that help to guide in its operation. These are:

  • Dignity, equity and equality
  • Equal opportunity and responsibility
  • Respect people , their culture and environment
  • Capacity building
  • Moving forward / ahead

  • Partners
  • World Education
  • HUDEP Nepal/ RDIF
  • European Union
  • CeLerd
  • The Asia Foundation
  • Search Nepal
  • World Bank/ PRAN/CECI
  • Center for Education Policy and Practice (CEPP)
  • ASB Germany
  • International Medical Corps (IMC)
  • Foundation De France /ARSOW Nepal
  • TDH Germany
  • Poverty Alleviation Fund/WB
  • UNICEF Nepal
  • KKS Germany
  • BMZ Germany