"We aspire to leave no stone unturned." - ‘ICDC-Nepal’

Organizational Policies

HR Policy of Organization
Human Resource is regulated by HR regulation. ICDC has developed HR policy. Staffs are hired on the basis of HR policy. Vacancy announcement are published at Local media /Newspaper/Notice board. Staffs are provided with Job Description at the time of their appointment. Preparation and approval of monthly work plan to the organization is compulsory.
Finance Policy of Organization
Financial activities are regulated by the financial regulation of ICDC. AGM is to approve all of its financial transaction and annual audit report. Keeping account as the double entry system and Public audit is made in each program. Program wise bank account system has been adopted. Quotation is made on the purchase of goods.
Financial and Public Audit
The organization regular conducts internal and external audit. Before Annual General Meeting of every year, the organization conducts audit from a registered uditor and public its progress and financial reports in its annual book. DAO and other concerned agencies are regularly submitted and are provided with necessary information as per requirement.
Child Protection Policy
This policy is a general framework for all members, associations with ICDC. Based on this framework, each member works out his/her responsibilities to achieve the goal of the organization. We recognize that child abuse and exploitation happen in all countries and societies around the world. Trying to define it as a world phenomenon is still difficult because of the vast cultural, religious, social, political, legal and economic differences that children experience. In order to prevent child abuse, it is crucial that we as an organization reach a common understanding as to what child abuse is and in which circumstances our policies and procedures apply. Through this policy we want to positively influence the practices of ICDC families, beneficiary families, and the families of our staff.
GESI Policy
The organization runs its programs based in the Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Policy developed by the organization. ICDC tries to face the prevailing challenges on existing chaos in power relationships, structures and institutions by seeking social, political and economic transformation from the household, community, market up to the state level. While executing the programs and activities, ICDC focuses to create space for new realities and relationships, so that girls, boys, women and men of any age, class, caste, ethnicity, religious identity or different ability are enabled to live with dignity, justice and respect, asserting their rights and responsibilities.
Safeguard Policy
The organization has developed a safeguard policy describing the roles of the staffs, parents, children and all concerned parties stating what is their roles to keep the children safe. Along with focusing the child protection policy, the organization implement its projects ensuring children are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care.
Emergency Health Fund
Being a social organization, ICDC Nepal has initiated a health care fund to foster the general members, staffs and vulnerable ones to support for their health care purpose when they are in their strong need. The general members and staffs of the organization are the members of the healthcare fund.

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