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Resource Center Management

Community Resource Center
A complete information center with the facilities of residential training with equipments, library, and communication facilities is the primary need of the district. With that mission, ICDC Nepal has made one community resource center with complete facilities for the institution development of all development actors. It has been a common platform for social dialogue and capacity development of GOs/ I/NGOs & civil society. About one kilometer north- west ahead from Dhadingbensi, the resource center is located in Neelakantha Municipality ward no 8 of Dhading District with the stretching area of 4.4 Ropanies of land. The resource center consists of one big training hall sufficient for training with 100 participants in U-shape setting with proper lighting system. It has 15 dual beds for accommodate purpose. The resource center has attach and common bathroom facilities. It has wider open space sufficient for more than 20 vehicles parking in its premise. In near future, the organization will get internet based study center within community resource center
Functions/ services of Resource center
  • Develop Human Resources: Provide capacity building training, orientation and horizontal sharing and workshop to enhance leadership development skills to social workers, GO officials and concerned stakeholders.
  • Network establishment: Develop coordination and linkage among development actors including individual and institutions to have dialogue on current issues and work as a common platform. It will help develop cordial relationship among concerned and will act as a facilitator for this.
  • Record keeping of the district: Collect and compile important district information. Current issues get discussed and make a database of the information regarding different aspects of district. It will help researchers and students get relevant information from one center.
  • Capacity development of Organization: Conduct relevant trainings and workshop to enhance organizational capacity in institutional development. Empower marginalized communities and ethnical minorities by providing relevant trainings. Conduct special training package as per the need of an organization.
  • Update information: Update current information and synchronize them in system with regular updates. Provide updated information to VDC, DDC and other agencies for their plan formulation. Help to develop cordial relationship among all development actors for consensus building.
  • Library conduction: Establish and run one library targeting youth, social workers, teachers, students, farmers, woman and other professionals. Develop E-library with complete internet facilities. Assist concerned personnel in research.
  • Secretarial services: Provide secretarial service along with proposal preparation and report writing service. Prepare and publish expertise roster. Human Resource mobilization.
  • Conduct Residential trainings: Conduct relevant trainings (both residential and non-residential training) for the sustainable development and of the RC. Run resource center with full fledged facilities. The income of resource center will go in Resource Development Fund (RDF) and will be utilized to support woman, children, students and scholarship for needy persons.

  • Partners
  • World Education
  • HUDEP Nepal/ RDIF
  • European Union
  • CeLerd
  • The Asia Foundation
  • Search Nepal
  • World Bank/ PRAN/CECI
  • Center for Education Policy and Practice (CEPP)
  • ASB Germany
  • International Medical Corps (IMC)
  • Foundation De France /ARSOW Nepal
  • TDH Germany
  • Poverty Alleviation Fund/WB
  • UNICEF Nepal
  • KKS Germany
  • BMZ Germany