Integrated Community Development Campaign (ICDC)


To uplift socio economic status of community people especially women, children marginalized and disadvantaged people and the people living in difficult circumstances. The specific objectives are ;

  • To support the communities to improve their health condition, to improve structural development, awareness raising as well as to conduct coordinated activities.
  • To help the communities to advocate and raise awareness for climate justice, foster environment resilience
  • To ensure the quality, accessibility and accessibility of public education encouraging structural development, capacity building and participation.
  • Help to foster children’s rights and ensure their participation.
  • To mobilize communities for their livelihoods improvement, entrepreneurship development, sustainable economic development, and access to their social, economic, cultural and political rights.
  • Conduct campaigns for human rights, social justice, good governance and establishment of equitable society.
  • To improve the skills and abilities of the youth and assist them in their mobilization.
  • To contribute to strengthen the national economy by helping to modernize and commercialize agriculture.
  • Building various infrastructures for development.
  • To help the communities to empower for disaster risk management and response as well as collaborate to provide humanitarian assistance.
  • To advocate to maintain the quality, accountability and transparency of public services
  • Capacity building and networking of community organizations.
  • To take initiative to eliminate all kinds of social inequalities including gender, geographical, caste and class discrimination.
  • To help to create an environment of ethical, dignified and ideal society.

To partner and cooperate with national and international development partners as well as the central, federal and local level of government of Nepal