Integrated Community Development Campaign (ICDC)
Project Name
Time Span
Partner Org
Psychosocial First aid Program
Dhading and Gorkha Distict of Nepal
International Medical Corps
Psychosocial counselling to the earthquake victims and training to the stakeholders
Rebuilding and improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of 4 villages in Jwalamukhi, Nepal
Rebuilding the lives of people affected by earthquake in the ‘Gauthale Community’ in Siddhalek Rural Municipality (Salang VDC), Dhading District, Nepal
Siddhalek Rural Municipality of Dhading District, Nepal
KKS Germany/BMZ
Reconstruction and rebuilding
Training Need Assessment: (TNA)
Dhading District, Nepal
ADB/ DCSI-Dhading
Conduction of technical surveys and identification of the appropriate training required in the district for income generation, Entrepreneurship development trainings and poverty reduction of the poor and pro-poor target groups
Adult literacy Classes
Dhading District, Nepal
District Education Office, Dhading
Non formal education provided through group formation of women and other adult who have not had education before
Promotion of childhood education in selected communities in the Dhading district Nepal
Netrawati Dabjong RM , Dhading
Nepal-Inzlingen, Germany
Construction of community school building with lavatories, provide early childhood education, support for drinking water and sanitation facilities.
COCAS -Coalition for constituent Assembly Support
Dhading District, Nepal
Awareness raising interventions for the solidarity and campaign for constituent Assembly Election.
Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Earthquake affected VDCs of Sindhupalchowk
Thanpalkot, Thanpaldhap and Gunsar VDCs of Sindhupalchowk District, Nepal
Foundation De France / ARSOW Nepal
Orientation and trainings on psychosocial and mental health issues, case detection, counselling and referral
Awareness campaign on FP/MCH and RH HIV/AIDS education and sanitation program
Dhading & Nuwakot District, Nepal
CMA Campus
Awareness raising to Community people, people from ethnical minorities, victim of HIV/Aids
Promotion of Quality Cocoon production and Processing Project
Nalang, Salang, Baireni, Kumpur, Bhumesthan, Sankosh VDCs of Dhading district, Nepal
Community Mobilization, Cooperatives Establishment, Group formation and strengthening, saving credit mobilization, Exposure and trainings, Publication and dissemination, conduction of Radio Program